About Us

Ecology and being environmentally conscious has been a part of my family upbringing.  My passion to do my part to help the planet was instilled in me at a very young age.

Now as you read this you'll understand how the things my parents did made such an impression on me.... more than I realized.

We moved a lot from city to city and state to state but if possible my Mom had to have a garden.  It is her passion. She has been gardening for over 40 years.

I used to laugh at Mom saving the carrot, apple, orange & potato peels, herb stems etc.  Everything was saved for compost piles.  As leaves fell from trees in the fall - they didn't end up in the street or in the yard debris cans ..... we bagged the leaves, saved them until Spring and then added them in layers to the compost piles.   It turned into the blackest, sweetest smelling soil you can imagine. Her gardens are always amazingly healthy.  Even her neighbor’s comment on how much better her snap peas, beans etc. taste compared to theirs especially if they were store bought. 

My Dad always helps my Mom set up her drip irrigation in the garden to conserve water and she makes gallon containers of compost tea weekly.  Watching all this through the years gave me an appreciation for the bounty the earth returns to us when we truly care.

As a young child my Dad encouraged me to save every bottle and soda can and to collect any that littered a street gutter or a field.  He taught me how destructive and costly it is to litter.  I remember going into the grocery store with my Dad and being so proud of the cartload of bottles and cans I had collected and coming out of the store with money.  It was magic, but more than that it was the beginning of an appreciation for recycling and cleaning up the environment at a young age.

When I was in elementary school I realized that I had an uncanny talent of being able to fix anything.  It was just a "natural talent", and I put it to good use repairing anything that was broken.  I repaired bikes for kids in the neighborhood and kept many a "bike" from being thrown into a landfill.  I taught myself to weld, do electrical wiring, plumbing, dry walling, tile installation, etc. As a teen I repaired cars, and later in life designed, built and tested race cars which became prototypes for the consumer market.  We also tried to make them as fuel efficient as possible.

Buying older homes and making them environmentally healthy again and yet affordable to young families was another passion of mine and since I was skilled in many trades I was able to do this on my own.  It has been a rewarding journey along my life's path to transform homes from time to time.  The faces on the families that enjoy the fruit of my labor are worth a thousand words!  Knowing they will be safe and healthy in the environment that I created for them leaves me with a good feeling inside.

I have tried to always buy eco conscious products, but found a majority of them to be out of reach financially.  So at this point in my life I decided to create a line of products that is not only earth friendly but also affordable, thus I created ECO PEOPLE.

I launched Eco People on July 1, 2009.  I currently have a line of environmentally sustainable T-shirts, hats and biodegradable sports bottles that feature my unique Eco People logos.  I will be introducing more eco products by the fall. 

It is my hope that as people wear & use the Eco People products that they will be reminded of how each of us can make a difference in this world and enjoy life without using excessive resources.  My mission is to always create and sell eco products that anyone can afford.